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After building the site select your content. You have to write articles for your site. Select the site language as English. Otherwise you cannot expect more visitors, which is the main factor for earning from Adsense ads.Now, if you don't have any idea on your preferred content or if you are no .writer or your mother taung  is not English then how it is possible for you to write a standard Article in English? Don't worry, try to follow the bellow mentioned technique and I am sure you will find it really easy to write an Article in english. Remember, "Internet" is the great database of anything you need for. So search for related topic specially articles on related content of your site. If you have limited or no idea about the content or if your english word-stock is poor then you should read all the websites thoroughly, which gradually increase your skill and improve your english word-stock and you will be able to write standard article based on these site. But never ever copy paste other sites. You may take the themes but not the words as it will decrease your site ranking or search engine position also you will face law violation, which you definitely don't want. Try to be unique, then you will get advanced in SEO. Read all the sites carefully and thoroughly, try to understand the subject and then write the article for your website by your own.   

Above all you have to apply SEO technique so that your site get more traffic and higher search engine ranking. Submit your site link to as many high ranked social bookmarking sites like, reddit, delicious, stumbler etc. The best way to find these sites is to search the web. The more particular you can search the better result you can expect to get. 
Also find some forums as the content of your site and then comment there about your site. The more forums you submit the better result it gets.
Also find Article Submission sites contain related topic as your site and write something about your site and place the link of your site there. In this case also you should find articles by searching web. Remember that searching better is a very good skill and try to point more particular and then only you can expect better result.

Apply all the steps mentioned here. try to find more websites to research and also for bookmarking, forum submission and article submission. Remember,  you don't need more websites to earn more, besides you need only a website with popular content, good article and better search engine ranking.

Advertise your site with the free advertising sites.

There are many advertising sites who are giving free ads to the members for their own good. You should take the opportunity for getting more visitors for your site. Also you can join traffic sites to get more and more visitors (traffic). Click here to find the links of recommended Advertising sites and Traffic sites. If you want my suggestion then I want to suggest you to follow all the steps so that your website gets more visitors and only these visitors can monetize your site better.