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Top Sites To Earn Money Online


Google Adsense & Adsense Alternatives

As mentioned before, PPC is the mostly used money making system for online freelancers. There are many business website which owners want to pay to advertise their site on others blogs or websites to get more visitors and business. Also there are millions of website or blogs owners who want to publish those advertise of business websites on their blogs or websites to earn revenue. But because there are millions of sites it is not possible for business owners ( advertisers ) to advertise their sites one by one out of million sites. Also there are millions of business websites and so it is also not possible either for the site owners ( publishers ) to find those advertisers one by one. So to make it easy for both the business owners ( advertisers ) and the site owners (publishers) there is platform developed. Google Adsense is one of the biggest platform where advertisers put their advertises and the publishers register their domains with Gooole Adsense to publish those advertises. Because it is easy for both the advertisers and the publishers to find those Adsense sites and fulfill their requirements.

So, what do you need to earn from PPC? You must own a blog or website. It is mandatory because to publish the advertises. When you own a blog or site you can then apply at the adsense sites to register your domain where the advertisements will be published. What kind of advertisements will be published is depending on the content of the publishers site. As a publisher you have the choice to publish any kind of business to show your visitors, but you should remember one thing that if you place an advertise which is not at all related with the content of your site then their is no chance to get visitors for that advertisement.Publishers pay for the advertisement clicks and also for page views. So the advertise putted must be content related as the visitors come to your site for that particular content.   

There are many publishers who are earning more than $10,000 per month (stats by the adsense sites). It is also possible for you to earn your living from your own site. Just be technical and build a site with popular content. Also you should have some technical knowledge on SEO and SEM. Otherwise your site will be unnoticed by the visitors and you can't even earn a penny from your site. Refer to the SEO page for more information. Please click here. Also refer to Other Ways of making money Click here and for Traffic and free Advertising Sites please Click Here.

Build Your Own Professional Website From Us & Monetize It

Now, how can you build your own website or blog for free and what should be the content which attract enough visitors. You can choose any kind of content with any subject but you must choose the content which is very popular and people want to know more about the subject. Then only you can hope for more visitors which generally earn you the revenue from adsense. There are many common subjects which are very popular like the content of this site or anything that discusses about the online money making ways, health, fitness, travelling, sports, music-video etc etc. You can choose any of these popular subject and start building your own blog or website that is also for free of charge and it is not mandatory to be an expert webmaster to build a site with these free website providers. But remember, if you can bear your own domain instead of a free sub-domain, then you will get better response and make more money from your site or blog.   

Top Adsense Sites Are (including Google Adsense and Adsense Alternatives) :

  • Google Adsense
  • AdHitz
  • Bidvertiser
  • Chitika
  • AdPolar