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Surfe.be - passive income





Make Money Online With Bidding & Non-Bidding Freelance Job Sites

It is sure that if you have a Computer and an Internet connection then you are all set to earn from online. Internet is a good source of making money. There are many ways to make money online. Some are paid, but some are totally free. You don't even have to spend a single dime to earn money online.

In bidding sites, it is possible to make unlimited income. But for that you should have to be an expert in any field. But if you are not an expert, then also you can make huge money just by hard working, doing more and more projects of the buyer. Techniques of Bidding to Win a Job :

1. Select the project to bid wisely. Bid only on projects which you can do well and deliver in time. Try to avoid personal projects as they are usually the lowest paying jobs. Also never place bid on any project that you can't do or you don't have skill to do that.

2. Don't bid very low to win a job anyhow. Bidding low for projects reduce the professionalism as well as chances of moving forward in this industry. Also buyers may underestimate you. So be competitive and find an amount that is low enough to attract the buyer but not the lowest of all the competitors.

3. Show Professionalism throughout the process. It is mandatory for a solver to show professionalism because these buyers are often tern into long term clients. So never show less professionalism in any project you win. Show that you have given a lot of think for the job and try to demonstrate how the job should be done.

4. Don't use common bidding template. Don't use same reply for all the projects you bid. Also try to ensure that your bid response specifies all the particular questions specially asked. This indicates that you read the bid carefully and shows your interest on the project. Be creative with the private message to the buyer and do whatever it takes to get the attention of him / her.

5. Address the bidder by name while placing bid, if his/her name is there. Though most of the buyer doesn't put their name in project placed but some of them used to sign their name at the bottom of the project. If the buyer put his/her name then start your bid with "Dear..(buyer's name)". As a plus point it will indicate the buyer about your interest for the job. So this helps to win bid.

6. Show the buyer your skill and experience where it applies for the particular job. In some project categories like Data entry, Captcha entry, there is nothing for you to show as your skill or experience unless you get any review by completing at least one job. But the categories like SEO, Website Design, Graphic Design you can show your skill and experience to the buyer, which definitely put you ahead from your competitors. If you have your own blog or website, then must redirect the buyer to that site which will encourage the buyer about you . You should highlight the particular talents that makes you different from the other bidders.

7. Ask for more detailed information about the project. Most of the buyers put very little information about the project placed. So it is your own responsibility to send the buyer a private message asking about the job. Don't ever hesitate to ask the buyer because he/she will be happy to send you exactly what he wants. This also help indicate the buyer about your interest for the job.

8. Follow up the buyer. There is a great chance to get better response from the buyer if you follow up after 3/4 days of placing bid. Send the buyer a private message thanking him/her for considering you for the job and ask if any information are needed from you, which may help the buyer to judge you better to select you for the job.

Above all be honest and have patience and don't be upset very easily if you are refused and loose any bid. And choose the projects very carefully to bid so that you can show your skill and ability, that must increase your chances to win bid. Thanks. happy bidding.

Recommended Freelane Job Bidding Sites

freelancer.com (Largest Freelance Job Bidding Site) oDesk.com guru.com Scriptlance.com freelancerzone.com dolancer.comvWorker.com joomlancers.com

Non-Bidding Freelance Job Sites

Beside these bidding freelance job sites there are also Non-Bidding job sites where you can make money by completing the jobs posted there by buyers without bidding. You can accept any jobs you can finish. No need to bid. Though the earning is less, but you get experienced. One thing you must remember that you should not go for the jobs which you can't finish, only accept the jobs you are able to complete. There is a time frame for different jobs and you have to complete the jobs within time. As a newbie you can join these sites not only to make money but also as I said, gain experience for bidding sites. You can show these experience to the buyers of the bidding freelance job sites and this will help you winning bids. Some popular non-bidding freelance job sites are listed bellow. You can join all of them or selected sites.

shorttask.com microworkers.com minuteworkers.com microjobs.com minijobs.com